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Pride and proposals (Italian/English review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

A Pride and Prejudice variation

Titolo: Pride and proposals
Autore: Victoria Kincaid
Casa editrice: Meryton Press
Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
Genere: romantico

Quarta di copertina/Book blurb

What if Mr. Darcy’s proposal was too late?

Darcy has been bewitched by Elizabeth Bennet since he met her in Hertfordshire. He can no longer fight this overwhelming attraction and must admit he is hopelessly in love. 
During Elizabeth’s visit to Kent she has been forced to endure the company of the difficult and disapproving Mr. Darcy, but she has enjoyed making the acquaintance of his affable cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam.  
Finally resolved, Darcy arrives at Hunsford Parsonage prepared to propose—only to discover that Elizabeth has just accepted a proposal from the Colonel, Darcy’s dearest friend in the world.  
As he watches the couple prepare for a lifetime together, Darcy vows never to speak of what is in his heart.  Elizabeth has reason to dislike Darcy, but finds that he haunts her thoughts and stirs her emotions in strange ways. 
Can Darcy and Elizabeth find their happily ever after?

By the author of The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, an Amazon Regency romance bestseller.


Pride and proposals è una variation di Orgoglio e pregiudizio che comincia nel momento in cui Mr Darcy, recatosi ad Hunsford per fare la sua proposta di matrimonio ad Elizabeth, trova suo cugino, il colonnello Fitzwilliam che si è già proposto ad Elizabeth ed è stato accettato. 
Ovviamente, ciò provocherà a Mr Darcy una serie di tormenti, visto che si sente colpevole per l'amore che prova per la sua futura cugina. Ciò lo porterà a fare addirittura un viaggio di un anno in America con Georgiana
Di più non posso svelare sulla trama, altrimenti toglierei al lettore tutta la sorpresa.

La storia è molto differente dalle solite, non avevo mai letto una variation in cui Elizabeth fosse accostata al colonnello Fitzwilliam (che ammetto è un personaggio che mi è sempre piaciuto). Ed in questo volume accade proprio quello che avevo sempre sperato per lui: un'improvvisa eredità che lo fa diventare immediatamente rivale in amore del cugino Darcy.

I dialoghi tra i protagonisti sono la cosa che maggiormente ti tiene legato al libro. In particolare, Darcy ed Elizabeth non riescono a dire mai quello che pensano e che provano, tanto che avrei intitolato il romanzo Pride and misunderstanding! I loro battibecchi sono spesso molto divertenti. 

Ho adorato il fatto che Darcy soffra per la maggior parte del tempo proprio perché non può confessare i suoi reali sentimenti, ma mi è piaciuto che abbia fatto in modo di riuscire ad occuparsi comunque di Elizabeth
La strada per arrivare alla sua felicità sarà molto lunga e piena di avversità, anche perché Elizabeth non si rende conto dei propri sentimenti e del perché l'amicizia di Mr Darcy sia così importante per lei. Ma il finale ripagherà Mr Darcy ed il lettore, perché soddisfacente e pieno di tenerezza.

Avrei solo voluto una Georgiana un po' più attiva nelle vicende riguardanti il fratello e la sua amica.

Voto: 4/5


Pride and proposals is a Pride and prejudice variation that begins when Mr Darcy goes to Hunsford Parsonage to ask Elizabeth's hand, but he finds there his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, who has just done the same and he's happy betrothed.
Obviously, Mr Darcy will go through a series of torments because of this, he feels guilty for the love he feels for his cousin's betrothed and that will lead him to make a trip to America, with Georgiana, which lasts a whole year.
I can't say more about the plot, otherwise I will deprive the readers of the surprises of this novel.

The plot is very different from the others, I have never read a variation in which Elizabeth is engaged with Fitwilliam (who is one of my favourite characters). In this novel it happens what I have always hoped for him: he gains an unexpected inheritance and becomes Mr Darcy's rival in love.

Characters' speeches make the readers stay glued to the book. Especially Darcy and Elizabeth are really funny because they aren't able to say what they are thinking or feeling. For this reason I would have named the novel Pride and misunderstanding.

I loved to see Darcy suffering for the majority of the time because he can't suppress and hide his feelings, but I like the way in which, despite his condition, he takes care of Elizabeth. The road for his happiness is really long and full of complications, such as Elizabeth who can't realize her feelings toward him and why his friendship is so important to her. 
But the end will repay both, Mr Darcy and the readers, because it is satisfying and full of tendresse.

I only wish Georgiana was more active in the story of her brother and her friend.

Rating: 4/5

The villain of the book/Il cattivo del romanzo


If someone wished to devise a personal hell specifically for him, Darcy mused, they could not possibly create a better one.  He stood at the foot of the stairs to Colonel Fitzwilliam’s new London townhouse.  It was not as grand as Darcy House and the neighborhood was not quite as fashionable, but it was certainly elegant and spacious enough for a second son who, until three weeks ago, had no expectations of aspiring to any accommodations beyond a set of rooms to let.  
Darcy regarded the house’s impressive neo-classical façade.  He had been anticipating this day with all the joy most people might give a raging fever.  Now that he had arrived, somehow his legs had turned to lead and would not obey his instructions to climb the stairs.  
Even a simple glance at the townhouse caused dread to curl into a tight knot in his stomach.  How would he survive the evening with his dignity intact?  No, that was beyond hope.  How would he survive the evening at all?  
His eyes closed briefly, blocking the view of the offending structure.  Darcy had quit Rosings the morning after Fitzwilliam’s awful announcement.  Fortunately, Darcy’s plans had already been fixed, so no one thought his swift departure odd, and Richard apparently perceived no strangeness in Darcy’s manner.  Perhaps he should consider a career on the stage. 
Richard’s letters had described how he had traveled to Hertfordshire, easily securing Mr. Bennet’s consent to the marriage, and then returned to Hunsford where he escorted Elizabeth to her uncle’s house in London.  In the intervening weeks, Richard had sold his commission and visited his estate, attending to all the urgent matters involved in taking immediate possession.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth and her aunt made preparations for a wedding scheduled for some three months hence.  
Darcy had tortured himself by quite thoroughly perusing each of Richard’s letters, absorbing every detail of his cousin’s felicity with Elizabeth.  Bizarrely, he almost preferred to hear news of her—even when it concerned her betrothal to another man—than to know nothing of her life, a true sign of how pathetic his obsession had become.  
He had tried—oh, how he had tried!—to resume his former indifference toward Elizabeth.  However, now he had confessed his feelings to himself, the genie refused to return into the lamp.  In a moment of honesty, during one of many nights spent staring at his ceiling, Darcy admitted to himself that he had never been truly indifferent to Elizabeth.  When he had thought himself indifferent, he had only been fooling himself.  
Darcy could only count one slim success in his favor over the past weeks.  Since returning from Hunsford, he had adroitly avoided both Richard and Elizabeth.  
Until today.  
Richard was hosting a dinner so his family could be better acquainted with Elizabeth’s.  Darcy could not escape the invitation.  
He had considered inventing urgent business at Pemberley.  Or a sudden illness.  Despite Darcy’s abhorrence of disguise, these thoughts held alarming appeal, but finally, he had conceded the necessity of facing the happy couple eventually.  Prolonging the inevitable smacked of cowardice—and he had faults enough without adding to them.  
Darcy opened his eyes.  He might as well be a French nobleman facing the guillotine.  Perhaps cowardice had something to recommend it.  
His stomach churned sickeningly, and his hands were wet with perspiration inside his gloves.  But there was nothing for it.  He must go.  He willed his feet to climb the steps, one at a time, until he reached the porch, having failed to be struck down by a conveniently timed meteor.  
His knock was answered almost immediately by a smartly dressed footman who took Darcy’s coat and ushered him into Richard’s study.  Darcy saw no sign of other guests.  
Richard glanced up with a smile when Darcy entered.  He was seated behind a massive oaken desk, every inch the industrious landowner.  “Darcy, good to see you!”  He maneuvered around the desk to shake Darcy’s hand and gestured toward to a couple of elegant chairs near the fireplace.  “Brandy?” Richard asked.  Darcy nodded; spirits could only help him survive the night.
Richard poured two glasses from a crystal decanter and handed one to Darcy before taking his seat.  “I am pleased you have the opportunity to see the house,” Richard remarked.
Was that a subtle suggestion that Darcy might have visited sooner?  Well, Darcy supposed he would have visited more than once by now were it not for his cousin’s engagement.  “It is an elegant residence,” Darcy said.  “I hope you are pleased with it.”
“Oh, quite,” Fitzwilliam said.  “It is nothing to Darcy House, of course, but far superior to my set of apartments.”
“Indeed.”  Darcy admired the room’s large marble fireplace, happy to have a neutral topic of conversation.  
“The furnishings are a bit out of fashion, but Elizabeth will have the opportunity to redecorate as she wishes.”  Ah, so much for neutrality. Darcy suppressed his flinch at the mention of her name but finished his brandy in one gulp.  “Where are the other guests?”
“I invited you here early.  I wished to speak with you privately.” 
“Oh?”  Without waiting for Richard’s assistance, Darcy rose and visited the sideboard to refill his brandy glass. 
“About Elizabeth.”   
Darcy froze in place.  Could his cousin suspect something?  He willed himself to act normally, but his hand shook, and he spilled a small puddle of brandy, cursing under his breath.   
Richard peered over.  “Never mind.  The servants will clean.”
Having poured a generous amount of brandy on his second attempt, Darcy gulped, hoping to calm the coil of anxiety in his stomach.  He sank back into his seat, regarding his cousin warily.  
Richard was rubbing his hands together, gazing absentmindedly at the window.  Darcy believed he had been successful in concealing his feelings for Elizabeth, but Richard knew him better than anyone.  Perhaps he had guessed.  
Darcy stared into the fire.  He could do nothing but admit the truth.  There was nothing he could say in his own defense, even though such an admission might irreparably damage his friendship with Richard irreparably.  Damn!  How had they come to this pass?  He valued Richard’s friendship above all others.

Finally, Richard sighed heavily. “Elizabeth believes you do not like her.”


Victoria ha gentilmente deciso di regalare una copia ebook del suo romanzo, in qualsiasi formato, ad un fortunato vincitore. 
Il giveaway terminerà il 10 giugno ed è aperto internazionalmente
La regola per partecipare è lasciare un commento con la vostra mail sulla vostra proposta preferita presente nei romanzi di Jane Austen o nelle JAFF che avete letto.
Il vincitore sarà contattato via mail e sarà annunciato su questa pagina al termine del concorso.

Victoria has kindly offered up and ebook copy of her new novel, in any format, to a lucky winner.
The giveaway will close on June 10th and it's open internationally.
To take part in the giveaway leave a comment with your email and talk about your favourite proposal you have read in Jane Austen's novel or JAFF.
The winner will be contacted by email and his/her name will be announced here at the end of the giveaway.


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  1. Grazie mille per questa opportunità! La trama sembra veramente molto interessante e originale! Decisamente un libro da leggere! :)
    Nonostante il mio romanzo preferito sia Orgoglio e Pregiudizio, trovo che la dichiarazione d'amore/proposta di matrimonio più bella in assoluto sia quella del Capitano Wentworth. Chi non vorrebbe ricevere una lettera così romantica? Anche Mr. Knightley però ci sa fare con le parole! ;)


    1. Grazie per aver commentato Maria! Anche io trovo la lettera del capitano Wentworth una delle più belle dichiarazioni d'amore della letteratura austeniana!
      Buona fortuna per il giveaway!

  2. Loved reading your review, Loren! Thanks for going the extra mile of the English review, too. I have never read such a variation either and I find it so intriguing because Col Fitz is definitely a worthy rival.

    1. You're right Sophia, can he be better than Darcy? :P
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read this about a month ago. I have always liked Col. Fitzwilliam. I also posted a review on Amazon and on Goodreads. I highly recommend this book. It is very different from the usual JAFF novels.

    1. I'm totally agree with you Sheila! Thank you for your comment!

  4. First of all, hello and thank You for the giveaway. And the translation, my Italian is rusty.
    My favourite would be from " Mr Darcy's obessession" by Abigail Reynolds. It was a vert intruiging proposal and amazing.
    My email Is :

    1. Hello Ayaki-chan and thank you for your comment! Mr Darcy's obsession is on my tbr list, I have to read it now!
      Good luck for the giveaway!

  5. Hi Loren,

    Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so happy you liked the book; it means a lot to mean when readers enjoy my book the way I have enjoyed other authors' work. And thank you for taking the time to do the review in English and Italian!


    1. Hi Victoria,
      thank you too for the great opportunity you gave me and my readers!

  6. Thinking of Colonel Fitzwilliam being a real legitimate rival for Darcy makes me want to bite my nails! He's so loveable.

    My mind is spinning trying to think of my favorite JAFF proposal! It must be Mr Collins's proposal to Lizzy of course! ;) haha

    1. monicaperry00 ar gmail dot com

    2. Of course Mr Collins's proposal is the most funny!

  7. Looking forward to reading this variation. Such angst for Darcy especially since she accepted Col Fitzwilliam out of any other man Darcy can't avoid. Thank you for the giveaway. My email is tdungnvu (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. My favorite proposal of all of Jane Austen's is Frederick's letter to Anne. Makes me want to swoon!

    I am really looking forward to reading this book. GinnaSaisQuoi at verizon dot net

    1. Frederick's letter is one of the best letter I've ever read! Good luck for the giveaway!

  9. I cannot actually decide which one I prefer. I love almost all of them!
    what about: "you pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope". It is powerful, painful and full of love.
    Mr Darcy's proposal at the parsonage, although too extense, it is lovely: "you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you", passion, passion everywhere!! ;)
    "So, tell me, have I no chance of succeeding?", the hope and begging on Mr Knightly's declaration!
    As I said, I cannot choose... :)
    Grazie/Thank you for the giveaway!
    ana (dot) mr (dot) 1986 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hahaha Ana, you're right! They are all three dreaming proposals!
      Thank you and good luck!

  10. Is not an easy choice that but I think who Captain Wentworth proposal is the best. That letter is really wonderful.

    Thank you for the giveaway
    adavittoria at email dot it

    1. Thank you for your comment and good luck!


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